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noun: progress


  1. 1.forward or onward movement toward a destination.

"the darkness did not stop my progress"

synonyms:forward movement, advance, going, progression, headway, passage

"boulders made progress difficult"

  • advance or development toward a better, more complete, or more modern condition.

"we are making progress toward equal rights"

synonyms:development, advance, advancement, headway,

John Kristian and I are excited about PROG:RESS!

After several years of working tirelessly on our own for our clients and establishing a Business Model based on Referrals we are looking forward to all the amazing potential that working as a Team and bringing on our new Buyers Agent, Robert Moorhouse, is going to bring to our clients. We believe in the "Customer First" strategy and have set up our new Team to reflect that.

It certainly is an exciting time for us here in the beautiful North Okanagan. There are so many reasons to live, work and play here! With inventory being at an all time low and Buyer's wanting to secure their little piece of paradise, there simply couldn't be a better time to have a "right hand man" to help us out. Robert comes from the busy Lower Mainland and gets that Customer Service is key. His former knowledge of Real Estate in a hot market and his experience of relocating to enjoy the Okanagan lifestyle make him extremely acute to the needs of every Buyer.

Of course, with Robert's addition John and I are free to invest the time needed to make sure that our Seller's are given a level of care and concern that make the challenging processing of selling easy. We are dedicated to helping you "move on" to bigger... or smaller... things. And why we are able to work by referral.

We look forward to catching up with each of you as we progress in our newest endeavor, and we look forward to touching base with you soon,

Your Okanagan Real Estate SA:VVY Team,

John & Brandy

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